Vegetable confusion

Are you easily confused by vegetables? If so, you might be interested in the ‘Vegetable Simplifier™’ – new from AnnestyCo™.

With the vegetable simplifier, you need never be frustrated by fava beans, baboozled by brassica, stymied by spinach, perplexed by a potato, confounded by a carrot, or astonished by an avocado again.

Yes! With the ‘Vegetable Simplifier™’ you can feel better than beetroot, superior to sorrel, lord it over lettuce and rule the radish.

How does it work? Well, just place the vegetable which is causing you consternation in the simplifer and press the ‘SimpliVeg™’ button. Within minutes the ‘Vegetable Simplifier™’ will have simplified the vegetable to a level where even the most vegetably challenged of us can look it in the eye without confusion or fear.

All this can be yours for 99.99 + tax, in the currency of your choice.

Order now and get a free herb negotiating kit (while stocks last).

Please allow up to 14 years for delivery.

Please note:
Owing to the fact that the ‘Vegetable Simplifier™’ and ‘herb negotiating kit’ are figments of the writer’s imagination, there may be a delay in the fulfilment of your order of anything up to for ever.