Bigotry, hate and Love.

Tuesday 14th March 2017 04:50

[Thoughts after waking from a dream in which I was at a gig starring a male band led by Tom Robinson and TV Smith.  I noticed in the dream that they both looked as they had in the 1970s, despite the event taking place in the current day.  At the end of the gig the all-male audience started to circulate around the room hugging and kissing; there was nothing sexual in this; it was spontaneous camaraderie and affection brought about by the moment.  One man uttered anti-gay comments and earned admonishing looks from those around him.  Some men refused to hug or kiss others because they were straight.  Some of the crowd began to to turn on them.  A beautiful moment was turning nasty.  I woke up.

The dream was likely to have been inspired by the fact that the previous day Tom Robinson had announced the 40th anniversary live performance of ‘Power In The Darkness’, scheduled for October 2017 at The 100 Club, London.

I am straight.  I have a number of gay and lesbian friends.  I don’t believe they or I consider ourselves to be defined by our sexual orientations.]

The fight for any cause is likely to have developed, at least in part, in response to some form of ignorance or bigotry. However, the moment any fight for a cause starts to embrace the notion of fighting against anyone or anything else it is itself in danger of becoming closed-minded and/or intolerant.

If you consider anyone who thinks differently to you, anyone outside your immediate cause, to be ‘other’, ‘lesser’, ‘wrong’, ‘unacceptable’ etc. then you are guilty of bigotry. We are all blessed with being different and we should all rejoice in the fact that we share that one same great attribute: individuality.

The fight against hatred can itself lead to hatred; a hatred of the thing you’re fighting only equips you for further fighting, rather than engendering an enduring peace.  Don’t waste your time and energy fighting against intolerance and hatred; spend them fighting for inclusion and love.