Puffin Lap Dancing Club

I’m amazed at how many blog posts relate to Club Puffin, or something like that. Information abounds relating to Club Puffin cheats and even snazzy outfits for your Club Puffin alter ego. I know Club Puffin is extremely popular and hugely successful, so it’s obviously just me not getting it, but I don’t get it.

I’ve discussed this with a few kids and some not so young people who I would have thought were old enough to know better; apparently there’s a staggeringly huge population of college student Antarctic – oops, I mean North Sea –  cyber sea birds too.

I believe that Club Puffin is based on the principle that a) you’re a puffin b) you live in an igloo – silly me, I mean ‘hole in the ground’, c) you have furniture, clothes etc. and a social life. OK, I can accept that; this is the Interweb after all. As far as I know, given my pitifully minimal research of this subject, all these things are available with the free membership. The source of my confusion is that when you take up paid membership you’re entitled to more of the same, but better. So, you’re telling me that I can dress my Puffin in a virtual (i.e. not real) cheerleader outfit, but if I pay I can dress it in a better virtual (i.e. still not real) cheerleader outfit. This is like saying “I’m not going to give you a bicycle tomorrow, but if you pay me £1,000 I won’t give you a Ferrari.”

The problem for Club Puffin must be that its members stop renewing their membership and drift away as they get older. Surely there’s some way of retaining them with a more mature version. Let your puffin grow up with you, go to bars and visit other adult establishments. Perhaps it could be called ‘Penguin Lap Dancing Club’ – drat, there I go again – ‘Puffin Lap Dancing Club’.