Anti-gay support for lesbians

I couldn’t help sniggering this morning when I found out about the planned ‘State-Wide School Sick-Out’, in protest against the California Teachers Association’s $1M donation to fight Proposition 8. In summary, a group of parents, students and teachers, who are against gay marriage in California are planning to stage a protest today.

The funniest thing about this is that the State-Wide School Sick-Out organisers have selected a war-time reproduction  poster to support their campaign; the same poster which has been available for purchase, with a lesbian caption, for several years.

Here are the two:

We can do it!
Pro Proposition 8

Sorry boys, I'm gay
Pro lesbian

You can find out more about the pro Proposition 8 guys over at Beetle Blogger, the ‘No on 8’ campaign at All Facts and Opinions and you can buy the poster from Amazon UK. Tee hee!