Rhymes with MILF

When contemplating how to describe a friend’s ‘partner’ I found myself rejecting all the usual tired old terms, such as ‘significant other’, ‘better half’, ‘er indoors’, ‘long-haired colonel’ etc. and almost resorted to just saying ‘partner’. I toyed with the tongue-in-cheek idea of ‘live-in lady friend’ and was about to dismiss it, when I noticed that the initials are ‘LILF’, which appealed to me, given its similarity to our old friend MILF. So there it is. Possibly a new term, possibly invented by me: LILF = Live-in Lady Friend.

Of course, I’ll now discover that the term has been in popular usage for years and is considered by most people to be far older and more hackneyed than MILF. Still, what do I care? It’s Christmas and I’m off to the pub to meet my friend and his LILF.