Underpants on parade

I know every emerging generation has to embrace a fashion, which must be, at the very least, unfathomable to anyone over the age of twenty-one and preferably abhorrent to them. I realise I’m falling into the trap by even raising this, but who are the fools here?

I recently followed three young men around a crazy golf course – when I say I followed them, I don’t mean in any sinister sense, I just happened to be in a group, which was playing one hole behind them. All three of the young gentlemen in question were wearing jeans, the tops of which hung half-way down their buttocks and the crotches of which hovered closer to knee level than anywhere else.  Every time a member of this sartorially challenged team bent over to play a shot, he had to make a quick grab for the nearest belt loop, to prevent his denim trousers from becoming a laundry pile around his ankles. The regular movement required to maintain the half-masted status of the jeans appeared to have become so familiar that it was a barely concious, almost reflex action. Indeed, it appeared to have surprisingly little detrimental effect on the wearer’s ability to propel a golf ball through the whirling sails of the windmill at hole 4, across the castle drawbridge at hole 6, or even up the slopes and into the crater of the volcano at hole 7. I suspect running for a bus, whilst carrying the latest batch of low slung trouser purchases may have proven more problematic however.

Flared trousers, hot-pants, platform shoes etc. have all been considered ridiculous by those above a certain age, during the fleeting moments they were in fashion. Platform shoes, it could be argued, were even a bit dangerous, particularly when mixed with teenage cider experimentation. Whatever the current, fashionable description for falling down trousers is however, they are still falling down trousers.  This has to be one of the less convenient clothing trends to have emerged in the last few decades.

I’ve heard recently that the former public (or private, if you’re American) school prank of de-bagging is making a comeback amongst the modern youth, although with the slightly misleading title of ‘bagging’. I suppose it was inevitable really. Let’s face it, it’s never going to be easier than this and there are potential victims everywhere.

I wonder what the next fad will be? Underpants, boxers, posing pouches, or whatever is deemed fashionable at the time, worn on the outside of trousers, a la super-hero? Perhaps now is the time to start manufacturing utility belts.