How to replace the battery in a Yamaha DX7s

Ooh,  I didn’t do much blogging last year, did I? Oh well, to start 2010, here’s a post, which is completely out of character with all previous ones, in that it’s factual and might actually be of use to a few people.

After around twenty years faithful service, the battery in my Yamaha DX7s finally gave up the ghost at the end of 2009.  I decided to replace the soldered-on battery with an easily accessible battery holder. I also wanted to ensure that the whole process was non-destructive and reversible, with no requirement to drill, cut, glue or modify any part of the DX7s.

Yamaha DX7s battery replacement with a battery holder

Here’s a link to a document I produced, detailing the whole procedure with text and images: How to replace the battery in a Yamaha DX7s