About Ukebloke

My name might be Alex Annesty. I was once a beaten quarter finalist in a seaside cheese measuring competition.

I used to live in London, but decided to move after an army of vigilante squirrels invaded it, just as I was singing it to sleep.

I console myself in my arboreal rodent enforced exile by writing short stories, poetry, sketches, a bit of music and occasionally, this blog. I’m also writing a novel, which has its own website at Zobeland.com. Although publication on any major scale has eluded me thus far, I hold out hope that writing will, one day become my day job and I can drive the squirrels back from whence they came.

3 responses to “About Ukebloke

  1. hurro! thanks for your comment. i like your style. will be back!

  2. you have a deliciously twisted mind! very clever! love the clean lines of your blog too – sleek and hip. can’t wait to read more.

  3. thanks for the kind words sir. good stuff you’ve written. very douglas adams. with a bit of vonnegut for good measure.

    good luck!

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