Anti-gay support for lesbians

I couldn’t help sniggering this morning when I found out about the planned ‘State-Wide School Sick-Out’, in protest against the California Teachers Association’s $1M donation to fight Proposition 8. In summary, a group of parents, students and teachers, who are against gay marriage in California are planning to stage a protest today.

The funniest thing about this is that the State-Wide School Sick-Out organisers have selected a war-time reproduction  poster to support their campaign; the same poster which has been available for purchase, with a lesbian caption, for several years.

Here are the two:

We can do it!

Pro Proposition 8

Sorry boys, I'm gay

Pro lesbian

You can find out more about the pro Proposition 8 guys over at Beetle Blogger, the ‘No on 8’ campaign at All Facts and Opinions and you can buy the poster from Amazon UK. Tee hee!


3 responses to “Anti-gay support for lesbians

  1. Pretty ironic, huh? Rosie has been appropriated and reappropriated so many times, but this particular juxtaposition is quite odd, indeed.

  2. Have you heard about the Camilla Letter from the girl in Folsom?

    California Teacher’s Association Responds to “Camilla Letter”
    Board Member Jim Rogers responds directly to student letter with abrupt condescension, sparking local outrage

    In a letter questioning CTA choices in this matter, Folsom High School student Camilla X, wrote to CTA officials protesting their use of teacher funds and received this shockingly worded reply from CTA/NEA coordinator, Jim Rogers….and this is a direct quote:

    “Thanks, Sweetie, but it’s over for now. And it’s really none of your business.”

  3. Hmm, Mr Rogers doesn’t appear to have covered himself in glory there.

    Apparently, the only political campaign in the USA to exceed the combined Pro / Anti Proposition 8 spending of around $73 million was the presidential contest between Barack Obama and John McCain.

    I’ve a feeling the Proposition 8 battle may rage for a little longer yet.

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